M. D. is lost

Season 1 Episode 2

English – English subtitles

Mr. Dinosaur is George’s favourite toy. When Mr. Dinosaur goes missing, George is upset. Daddy Pig helps Peppa to become a detective and together they track down Mr. Dinosaur, making George a very happy little piggy again.

Transcript – Subtitles

Narrator: George’s favourite toy is Mr. Dinosaur.

George: Dinosaur.

Narrator: George loves Mr. Dinosaur.

George: Grrrrrrr…

Narrator: Sometimes, George likes to scare Peppa with Mr. Dinosaur.

George: Grrrrrrr…

Peppa: Eeek! Too scary!

Narrator: At suppertime, Mr. Dinosaur sits next to George.

Mummy: I beg your pardon. Was that you George, or was it Mr. Dinosaur?

George: Dinosaur.

Narrator: At bath time, George shares his bath with Mr. Dinosaur.

George: Grrrrrrr…

Mummy: Good night, Peppa.

Peppa: Good night, Mummy.

Mummy: Good night, George.

Mummy: And good night, Mr. Dinosaur.

George: Grrrrrr…

Narrator: When George goes to bed, Mr. Dinosaur is tucked up with him.

Narrator: George’s favourite game is throwing Mr. Dinosaur up in the air.

George: Whee…

Narrator: And catching him when he falls back down.

George: Whee…

Narrator: Peppa and Daddy Pig are playing draughts.

Peppa: I win, Daddy!

Daddy: Oh, well done, Peppa.

George: Whhhhaaaaaaaaaaa.

Daddy: George?

George: Whaaaaaaaaa.


Mummy: George, what’s the matter?


George: Dinosaur.


Daddy: George, have you lost Mr. Dinosaur?


Narrator: George has lost Mr. Dinosaur.

Mummy: Don’t worry George. We’ll find Mr. Dinosaur.

Daddy: It’s a job for a detective.

Peppa: Daddy, what is a detective?

Daddy: A detective is a very important person who is good at finding things.

Peppa: Me, me! I’m good at finding things!

Daddy: Alright, Peppa is the detective.

Peppa: George. I am the detective. I will help you find Mr. Dinosaur.

Mummy: Maybe the detective should ask George some simple questions.

Peppa: George? Where’s Mr. Dinosaur?

George: Whaaaaaaaaaa.

Narrator: George does not know where Mr. Dinosaur is.

Daddy: The detective could try and guess where Mr. Dinosaur might be.

Peppa: I know. I know where he is.

Peppa: George always has Mr. Dinosaur with him in the bath.

Peppa: So Mr. Dinosaur is in the bath.

Narrator: Mr. Dinosaur is not in the bath.

Peppa: Oh. I know. I know where Mr. Dinosaur is.

Peppa: George always has Mr. Dinosaur in his bed at night.

Peppa: So that’s where he is.

Narrator: Mr. Dinosaur is not in George’s bed.

Peppa: Oh.

Mummy: Maybe we should try the garden.

Peppa: Yes, the garden. I was going to say that.

Peppa: Where is Mr. Dinosaur?

Narrator: Mr. Dinosaur is very hard to find.

Peppa: Oh. Mr. Dinosaur isn’t anywhere.

Daddy: George? You do love to throw Mr. Dinosaur in the air.

Daddy: I wonder if this time you threw Mr. Dinosaur just a bit too high.

Peppa: There he is! There he is! I saw him first!

Daddy: Well done, Peppa!

Daddy: You really are a very good detective.

George: Dinosaur. Grrrrrr…

Narrator: George is so happy to have Mr. Dinosaur back again.

George: Whee.

Daddy: Maybe it isn’t a good idea to play with dinosaurs near trees.

George: Dinosaur.

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